Roatan Realtors Association 

Benefits for Sellers 

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database that lists properties for sale on the Bay Islands. Once listed on the MLS, your property may feed to several national and international real estate websites.  The exposure you receive on the Roatán MLS is tremendous.  Listing your property with a member of the Roatán REALTORS ® Association will ensure your property’s information is accessible to those looking to invest in The Bay Islands.  Most buyers do their preliminary shopping on the Internet.  There is no better way to get maximum exposure.

Benefits for Buyers 

The Roatán REALTORS ® Association brokers and agents who place their listings on the Roatán MLS adhere to the highest level of standards and have reviewed each listing for accuracy.  You will have an opportunity to search all listed properties and easily compare them.  Most of the listings have many photos, some have copies of surveys, Virtual Tours and Google Map features.  The MLS allows the buyer to select an agent or broker he is comfortable with knowing they will be able to see all available properties.

Purchasing Real Estate on Roatan

The actual purchase process is an easy, uncomplicated process. Foreigners, as individuals, can own up to  3000 square meters, which is approximately .74 of an acre, of land per investor. In order to purchase more than .74 acres of land, a Honduran Corporation must be formed. A Honduran corporation is easily formed with the help of a qualified lawyer at a cost of about $2,000.00. When purchasing land in Honduras, it is imperative to have a good understanding of the documents associated with clear title. To protect this investment, a qualified Real Estate Broker, Honduran Notary and Lawyer should assist with reviewing the documents. Title insurance is also available