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The Roatán REALTORS ® Association is a professional organization dedicated to providing the highest level of ethics and cooperation among its members. Each broker and agent is a member of the National Association of REALTORS ® (NAR) and subscribe to the NAR code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. They are also members of CANABIRH, the Honduran National Real Estate Association. The REALTORS ® are required to list all their available properties and keep their listing accurate and up to date. The Association provides training and oversight to ensure that your selling or purchasing experience will be handled properly.

Why list with RRA 

The Roatan Realtors Association is a long standing organization and an international affiliate of the National Association fo Realtors (NAR). All of our agents and brokers have signed and follow the NAR code of ethics and that give you the confidence to know you’re dealing with true real estate professionals.  

Why buy with RRA

When you work with our association and our members your seeing the best that Roatan has to offer. We use the latest Multiple listing software to efficiently and efficiently send you the listings for easy comparison. All the agents and brokers use this database of properties to sell each others listings. Insuring you see what the market has without having to bounce between websites and agents. This is just how they do it in North America and other markets you may be familiar with.

RRA History

The Roatan Realtors Association (RRA) was started in 2003 by the brokers of local real estate offices. As the industry advanced and buyers expected more professionalism, local real estate agents worked together to create a recognizable organization. With the establishment of the RRA, which belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the group adopted a set of Standards of Practice and Ethics Codes by which all agents were to abide.

The RRA is affiliated with both CANABIRH (the Honduran National Real Estate Association) and with the NAR (National Association of Realtors). In 2008, CANABIRH appointed the board of directors of the RRA as CANABIRH BAY ISLANDS (CANABIRH BI) and granted them chapter/delegation status. The RRA/CANABIRH BI has helped to coordinate real estate agents working together and it has also allowed for the dissemination of information about listings. They have also acted as liaisons between the industry and local government in implementation of suggested rules and a possible real estate school for the industry, which is currently not available.

There is a combination of requirements for a real estate agent to become a member of the RRA. Applicants must be legal residents, have legally established corporations, and must agree to abide by the RRA Standards of Practice and Ethics Codes, as well as the bylaws of CANABIRH.

All real estate companies must be affiliated to CANABIRH or else they will not be legally allowed to make real estate transactions. Meetings are held monthly for RRA/CANABIRH BI members and include all member brokers and agents. Each January there is an election for a Board of Directors for that calendar year.

The RRA/CANABIRH BI has been and will continue to set the industry standards in the Bay Islands in order for real estate agents to best serve their clients. At this stage of development for the islands, real estate is a major catalyst for progress as the is RRA.